The Larimer County 4-H Junior Leadership Club (known as JLC for short) is an additional and secondary club for members 13 to 18 years of age (as of January 1st) that want to experience more out of the 4-H program.  The club meets once a month on the fourth Monday to build your teamwork, organization, parliamentary procedure, community service, fundraising, and leadership skills!


Our mission statement is to simultaneously support the community, the 4-H program, and to teach youth in Junior Leadership the importance of understanding themselves as leaders and how to apply leadership skills in a team setting to become passionate, courageous, decisive, clear minded, and humble citizens.


Throughout the year, we plan and help out with officer training, achievement night, the carnival, livestock field day, Junior Jamboree, recreation/dance night, the Dairy Bar, and provide many scholarships to other 4-H'ers in the community!  We also attend conferences, such as LDC in January, State Conference in June, and some members qualify to attend some National conferences as well.  The JLC is also the gateway to many great opportunities including participation in District II and the Colorado State 4-H Senate.


This website is maintained by the marketing committee of the JLC.




Junior Leader Officers for 2020-2021

President - Amelia Macy

Vice-President - Audrey Laffey

Secretary - Jessica Laffey

Treasurer - Hunter Squibb

Parliamentarian - Kimberly Gillespie

Senators - Jessica Laffey and Evelyn Henning

Alternate Senators - Tanner Kesterson and Amelia Macy

Advisors - coming soon


Junior Leader Officers for 2019-2020

President - Gabriel Dupon

Vice-President - Evelyn Henning

Secretary - Kimberly Gillespie

Treasurer - Hunter Squibb

Senators - Gabriel Dupon and Justin Grundy

Alternate Senators - Evelyn Henning and Jessica Laffey

Advisors - Cheryl Adams, Deneen Gillespie, Kelly Laffey, Merritt Dupon, Sonja Morton, and Tara Kesterson.


Junior Leader Officers for 2018-2019

President - Rachel Masters

Vice-President - Nicki Morton

Secretary - Dakota Squibb

Treasurer - Carter Dalton

Parliamentarian - Kimberly Gillespie

Senators - Augusta Rudnick and Rachel Masters

Alternate Senators - Justin Grundy and Malorie Acott

Advisors - Holly Holland, Kara Rudnick, Deneen Gillespie, Rita Henning, Sonja Morton, Jessie Acott, and Cheryl Adams


Junior Leader Officers for 2017-2018

President - Sloan Holland

Vice-President - Rachel Masters

Secretary - Augusta Rudnick

Treasurer - Hannah Godfrey

Parliamentarian - Malorie Acott

Senators - Amy Newman and Megan Adams

Alternate Senators - Rachel Masters and Augusta Rudnick

Advisors - Linda Squibb, Kara Rudnick, Cheryl Adams, Sonja Morton, Jody Masters, Carrie Adams, and Deneen Gillespie



Our Executives